Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tutorial - Crochet a layered flower.

Crochet a Flower Garden!

Why not? You have the yarn; you have the skills...do it! I call them layered flowers because they are made up of "layers" of crocheted 'rounds'. Simply collect some yarn (you don't need much) that goes nicely together.

If you have a basic understanding of crochet stitches, then it's best to start with a chain of 3 joined in a loop with a slip stitch. Make the first "florette" the largest in diameter, a simple one (as they are best made-up as you go) is to crochet into the centre of your loop 12 trebles (or US I think double crochets) this will give you a small circle about 2 1/2cm (1 inch) in diameter. Then add a row of; 1 single crochet, then 4 chain, then single crochet into the 4th stitch. Repeat till you have created 6 “buttonholes”.

Next row, petals. Each petal consists of “1 single crochet (DC), 1 half double crochet (half treble), 5 double crochets (5 trebles), 1 half double crochet (half treble), 1 single crochet (DC)”

*Note – this is where the 2nd “layer” ends. To make the biggest florette (layer) read on!

[Aust. Treble = US double crochet
Aust. DC = US single crochet] (confusing huh?)

Last row!! Each petal has 9 stitches now (7 “gaps”). I slip stitch 2 stitches between each petal, but whatever works for you best. The trick between petals is not to add any bulk/height.

Each petal: Into
1st stitch: 1 single crochet (DC).
2nd stitch: 2 half double crochet (half treble).
3rd stitch: 2 double crochets (trebles).
4th stitch: 1 double crochets (trebles).
5th stitch: 2 double crochets (trebles).
6th stitch: 2 half double crochet (half treble).
7th stitch: 1 single crochet (DC).
Repeat for each of the 6 petals. Finished!!

The centre “medallion” – is also worked the same as the centre of the petals. 12 double crochets (trebles). Then the 2nd row is worked as follows into each of the 12 gaps:

1 single crochet (DC)
1 half double crochet (Treble)
2 chain
1 single crochet (DC)
Repeat into each gap of the 12 stitches.

This forms your little “peaks”. All finished. Layer your petals on top of each other, and choose a pretty bright button and stitch your “layers” together. Your own, layered flower!!

(Note – In Australia the names of crochet stitches differ from the US and other countries. I have tried to write them correctly for both, please drop me a line if any of my instructions are unclear.)

*** UPDATE ***
I have made this into a video tutorial on my blog, HERE.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Making A Difference

I like to think that I am fortunate in this life to have shelter, food, education, healthy children and the opportunity to see the wonders in the world around me. When I found out about BOINC (Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing), I discovered that my humble computer could combine with others around the world to provide "Combined computing power". What's that all about? Well, to quote Wikipedia:

"The Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing (BOINC) is a non-commercial middleware system for volunteer and grid computing. It was originally developed to support the SETI@home project before it became useful as a platform for other distributed applications in areas as diverse as mathematics, medicine, molecular biology, climatology, and astrophysics. The intent of BOINC is to make it possible for researchers to tap into the enormous processing power of personal computers around the world."

Now, I'm no computer programmer, I like and use computers for many reasons, though I feel being able to use my computer to help scientists around the world with anything from cures for cancer, to understanding the Universe around us or climate prediction has to be more worthwhile than having a screen saver turning over. The best bit about all this - you don't have to be an expert in computing, your computer does that for you!

Check out BOINC.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sundaes for 2...

Well my 2 little darlings were well enough behaved today to earn a Strawberry sundae each! They love the fancy glass and not to mention the ice-cream, strawberry topping, milk and whipped cream helps with the appeal!!

Better than a bought one...now...how can I turn these into crochet? ;-)