Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Eye has it - A crocheted eyeball!

Well it had to happen sometime! Somewhere in the deep dark recesses of my mind, this crazy idea popped into my head, and I just had to make it!

Purely for fun, as I can see no earthly use for it apart from a conversation starter ...or stopper, however you'd like see it!!

This "eye" is complete with "optic nerve", just to be as as anatomically correct as possible.

So....Get out your crochets hooks, your yarn and delve into the deeper, darker side of your craft never know what you can make!!



Monday, August 18, 2008

Got winkles? Get a Stermer!

Well, maybe if you have "winkles" you could buy this "stermer" as I did! So I am now safely "winkle free" - for now. (see picture)

I also had to tell all old people near me to "back off!" - you are not allowed to operate my stermer!! You'll have to find another means of eradicating your winkles.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Crochet a Bubblegum Pouch gift!

How cute and fun is this? So my daughter's friend has been so sweet and considerate lately that I thought how nice it would be to make her a little thank-you.

I chose bubblegum coloured yarn (8ply) and a size 5mm hook (US - 8 - H). Crochet DC (single crochets -US) in the round increasing every 5 - 6 stitches until you have the desired base size (Approx 2-3 in or 5-7cm in the picture). Then stop increasing, this will make the "walls" of your little bag. After about 2 inches / 5 cm I started to decrease, about 1 every 8 stitches, to bring the top of the little bag in - just a bit!

Then you need to create spaces for the ribbon to be fed through. I simply crocheted into the next stitch, then chain one, miss one stitch then crocheted into the next stitch. repeat around edge of bag.

For the ribbon, I used 2 lengths, about 30 cm / 12 in works well to start and trim excess off.

This pouch is so simple to make, it would make a great party favour or suprise gift. Make it extra special, by popping something like sweets inside. Happy crocheting!