Monday, August 11, 2008

Crochet a Bubblegum Pouch gift!

How cute and fun is this? So my daughter's friend has been so sweet and considerate lately that I thought how nice it would be to make her a little thank-you.

I chose bubblegum coloured yarn (8ply) and a size 5mm hook (US - 8 - H). Crochet DC (single crochets -US) in the round increasing every 5 - 6 stitches until you have the desired base size (Approx 2-3 in or 5-7cm in the picture). Then stop increasing, this will make the "walls" of your little bag. After about 2 inches / 5 cm I started to decrease, about 1 every 8 stitches, to bring the top of the little bag in - just a bit!

Then you need to create spaces for the ribbon to be fed through. I simply crocheted into the next stitch, then chain one, miss one stitch then crocheted into the next stitch. repeat around edge of bag.

For the ribbon, I used 2 lengths, about 30 cm / 12 in works well to start and trim excess off.

This pouch is so simple to make, it would make a great party favour or suprise gift. Make it extra special, by popping something like sweets inside. Happy crocheting!

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