Monday, August 18, 2008

Got winkles? Get a Stermer!

Well, maybe if you have "winkles" you could buy this "stermer" as I did! So I am now safely "winkle free" - for now. (see picture)

I also had to tell all old people near me to "back off!" - you are not allowed to operate my stermer!! You'll have to find another means of eradicating your winkles.

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Who's B? said...

hehe. All the statements are hilarious, but the "winkles" and "stermer" take the cake.

I found your blog through flickr, btw. I LOVE all your projects. I am just learning to crochet. My first silly and only silly project thus far is a severed bloody monster finger to house my chapstick on my keyring. I love geekery.