Thursday, March 6, 2008

My First Post

Hi there. Well I'm joining the Blogging ranks, and from what I've seen - I'm impressed by the talents of Bloggers everywhere! I hope to share my creative journey here. Tracking the creative process from concept to creation (and critique).

Today I was excited to complete a project I started a few months ago, and had put to the side for too long. Hyperbolic Crochet caught my attention - it excited the creative process, with a mathematical flavour, just enough for me to understand! The Institute for Figuring is a fascinating site for the avid crocheter who isn't afraid of a little brainfood. Yum.

Here are the photos of my FIRST Hyperbolic crochet, process and completion.Here is a detailed photo, showing the crenelations that are achieved from Hyperbolic Crochet, and a constant rate of increase. In this case, 1 in 3. In this case each 'row' increases by 33 1/3 % on the previous row!!

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