Saturday, October 25, 2008

Crochet Coral Pebble

This is a piece I finished about a month ago. I wanted to create an underwater, coral piece. An imaginary organism, and have some fun with the colours too.

I began with a couple of the tendrils in orange as they worked so well. I realised I was going to need a 'base' for them to sit on, so I set about making a 'pebble'. The way I imagined this piece was a lot more densely packed, so the look of the base didn't seem as important originally. I'm glad I decided not to cut this corner and make a nice base, as most of it remains visible.


Anonymous said...

Olá minha amiga!
Estou a conhecer o seu blog e quero dar os meus parabéns pela sua criatividade:excelente!!!!
Tenha uma boa semana

hello my friend!
I know your blog and I offer my congratulations on your creativity: excellent!!!
Have a good week

Nettie said...

Thank-you so much!! Some of my ideas are crazy - but I love to go ahead and make them anyway!

sukigirl said...

This is gorgeous, it must be amazing to live in Australia with so many wonderful living creatures!
Lots of inspiration!