Saturday, October 25, 2008

Crochet Coral Pebble

This is a piece I finished about a month ago. I wanted to create an underwater, coral piece. An imaginary organism, and have some fun with the colours too.

I began with a couple of the tendrils in orange as they worked so well. I realised I was going to need a 'base' for them to sit on, so I set about making a 'pebble'. The way I imagined this piece was a lot more densely packed, so the look of the base didn't seem as important originally. I'm glad I decided not to cut this corner and make a nice base, as most of it remains visible.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Life without deadlines (from Gooseflesh)

I went to see Helle Jorgensen's exhibition today! How exciting to see her work in person. Her craftsmanship is of the highest quality and to be admired. It was inspirational see her work up close and the fine stitches she uses in her art. (see link below)
Life without deadlines

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

We all need an Angel

Well sometimes we just need a little help from above, when times are tough. So when you crochet a triangle - what a cute way to finish it off, by turning it into an Angel?

Done in DC (US = single crochet)- about 15 stitches. I then decreased at the beginning of every row, til I got to one stitch. I then DC (SC) stitched down each side of the triangle. To make the frilly hem on the bottom of the skirt, in each stitch:

DC(SC) then Half Treble(Half Single Crochet) then DC(SC) - repeat til the end of the hem. This gives the scalloped effect.

The face is a simple spiraled circle done in DC (SC), til about 3cm (1 1/2 in), a couple of whip stitches will hold it to the body. The Angel 'wings' are spaced like so:

attach yarn near 'neck', then miss 2 stitches, into the same stitch crochet 8 Trebles (Double Crochets) then miss 2 stitches and anchor wing with a single crochet. Repeat on other other side for opposing wing.

The hair is made from short lengths of yarn, (About 2-3 inches - 6-7 cm) in length - then 2 lengths are knotted through a stitch on the edge of the face (circle). I frayed the yarn to give it a more frizzy look.

Eyes are completely up to you. I was going to use fabric paint, but couldn't find any black, so I used little dome buttons instead. The buttons on the hem are an embellishment that finish it off nicely. If you make one, I'd love to see it, leave a comment or link to your Angel! (and a link back to this post would be appreciated too! Thanks...happy crafting!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

A Blue tongue lizard in the backyard!

This little guy had a slow walk along the back pathway today after scaring off our cat Milly! She acted tough but decided to be cautious and run away after seeing this native lizard [Tiliqua scinoides] aka "The Blue Tongue Lizard". Completely harmless, it is not an uncommon site in Australian backyards. If you are interested: More about the Blue Tongue Lizard.