Friday, January 23, 2009

The Complete Hyperbolic Crochet Video - Pseudosphere

Hyperbolic Crochet has really taken hold of my imagination. I grew up with a love of geometry and maths, though I'm not blessed with higher maths skills, the patterns, designs and geometry that you can create in a mathematical manner are fascinating.
I made a video a little while ago, that consists of still images 'animated'. It has proven quite popular, so I decided to take the demonstration to the next level by videoing the creation of a Hyperbolic Pseudosphere from beginning to end. In total 152 minutes and 32 seconds, filmed over a couple of days, then reduced down to about 5min 20sec.
I hope you enjoy this video, (it was filmed and uploaded in higher quality, I'm hoping the "watch in high quality" option becomes available with this video) I would love any comments or feedback, cheers!!


Raquel said...

OMG! I'm trying find this, bu t I think that you are the only one!
thanks for share it!
just loved!

Nettie said...

Thank-you so much Raquel for your lovely comment. I'm so glad that the little video I made has been something you love!
Take care,