Wednesday, March 31, 2010

5-Petal Crochet Flower Button Tutorial

Hi Everyone, this is my latest video tutorial on You Tube. You can make this little 5-Petal Crochet Flower Button Tutorial from just a scrap of yarn and an odd button. (A good excuse to use up some of those odd buttons).
I found odd bits of yarn I probably would have thrown away were given a new lease of life. I've never been able to use so many odd buttons, it's been fun and they look good when no two are the same.
Here is my video Tutorial - I hope you enjoy this project. NOTE: It has been uploaded in HD, so details can be easily seen. Enjoy.


Mrs Twins said...

I really love your videos!
I can understand them perfectly, and hear them well too!
Your instructions are great, I appreciate your help. I'm sure others do too!
Hugs and LOve Sue x
I look forward to some others. I just cant stop making those Butterflies of yours. I made some in red and white for valentines day and put them onto my Daughters Valentine gifts. Red paper. They looked beautiful, thank you so much!
Hugs and Love Sue (UK). x

Fiona Tornton said...

This is brilliant - so easy, thanks to your clear video tutorial, and the flowers look stunning!

Thanks so much for sharing .... I'm off to find some scraps of yarn and buttons!


geamdesign said...

Thank you for posting this. I have my first hand experience to crochet a flower. Yeah!!

Thank you so much!:)

Angela Rae Barribeau said...

Hello! I just discovered this tutorial on youtube tonight and already made 3 flowers! The first 2 are wonky, but the 3rd is almost perfect! I loved your tutorial so much I created a pin on Pinterest with a link to your video! It's already been repined 12 times! Thanks so much! I will definitely be checking out your other tutorials. :)

Winterprism said...

I was wondering if I could make a bunch of these to sell for a fundraiser.. I commented on your video under my hubby's acct, tizroc..