Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Crocheted Leafy Garland Tutorial

Hi Everyone! Welcome to my "Crocheted Leafy Garland Tutorial". This is my own original design, and is well suited to crocheters of all skill levels including beginners. Learn to crochet a pretty garland of leaves.
I've designed this project to work well with my 5-petal crochet flower tutorial, to make a unique floral garland.
Please enjoy; comments and feedback always welcome.


Mrs Twins said...

Thank you Nettie,
I always enjoy your videos!
You have such a clear voice, and at least you can hear what you are saying, unlike some.
You're very good doing these videos for all of us.
Your work is much appreciated.
Hugs and LOve Suex

Mrs Twins said...

I do hope you know your squares have arrived and I have already made the slide show. haven't heard back.
Hugs Suex

Bethel of Bethania said...

Woow where have I been???
I haven't seen this video before...
Looks great... congratulations...
looking forward to the next one now... hint hint... ha ha

mamascrapper69 said...

ty so very much for your tutorials. you have taught me great things. ive learned how to make your button flowers, and if i mess up i just turn it into a butterfly. hehe. ty for everything. tfs

Karen Whipple Schnurr said...

Thank you so much for posting all of these turorials! I am trying to find the pattern for something. I saw it on this page:
It is the picure of the yarn holder that looks like a little creature that is right above your tutorial of how to crochet a pen holder. So I'm wondering if that is also one of your creations and if you have a pattern available for it.
thank you so much!

Christina Street said...

Hi Nettie, just joined your blog and want to tell you I really like the leafy garland tutorial.. Love your work.. Thanks for sharing.. :)